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“GHA-INFO” is a quarterly published magazine which provides all exclusive information and contacts regarding glass, hardware, aluminium, doors, windows and all sorts of fittings and attachment accessories. The magazine is compiled by highly qualified professionals and editorial staff so as to provide different informative journals and other related services to satisfy their readers and customers. GHA info is one of the leading magazines on glass industry of India. The sole purpose of the magazine is to provide a broader and wider range of options to meet the architects and fabricator needs. We offer this quarterly edition of GHA info to all sorts of glass traders, manufacturers, glass tools and hardware manufacturers, aluminium and different aluminium accessory fabricators, architects and interior designers. The magazine is designed in such a manner that it solves all sort of queries related to glass, hardware and aluminium products. GHA info basically comprises of ads of different glass manufacturers and dealers, articles and latest reports on glass market. It also features a column with technical information, glass events, exhibitions and terminology of glass and aluminium products. This not only satisfies the customer but also help them in understanding different glass, hardware and aluminium related issues.

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